We all want to purchase items for our kids that will last and not break as soon as we give them to them. So here are some products that have been tried and tested by my kids.

Reviews are my own opinion and will be clearly marked if I have bought the items myself or have been asked to review the items by the company.

Product Review – Boba 4G Baby Carrier/Toddler Carrier

I have now been using my Boba 4G baby carrier since Little K was 4 months old. When Big K was a baby I hardly ever used a carrier as it was uncomfortable and hurt my back. However, the Boba 4G has...

Product Review – KaZoo MyPhones

As my first son started getting older and was more interested in watching DVDs while in the car or while on a plane, I decided it was time to invest in some headphones so other passengers and myself...