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While a honeymoon is supposed to be a private time to relax and bond with your new spouse, no rule says you can’t bring kids on your honeymoon! So, if you’re thinking of taking your little ones with you, feel free to do so. And if you’re wondering where to go, get inspiration from these best destinations for honeymoons with children.


France lures honeymooners with its romantic atmosphere and magical architecture, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum. And if you’re taking your kids on your honeymoon trip, you’ll find France even more alluring. Many people go to Paris for shorter breaks, making it one of the best locations for a minimoon, as you can fit so much into a short amount of time. It offers a great mix of outdoor activities, cultural sights, and entertainment for adults and kids. 

There’s more to France than its charming capital city of Paris. The best way to discover its gorgeous countryside is to go on a road trip, which is more convenient if you’re with kids. Provence would be a great place to start your road trip. Begin in the walled city of Avignon. Visit Palais des Papes, one of Europe’s most significant medieval Gothic buildings. In the afternoon, head north to explore the vineyards in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and make your way to the hill towns of Luberon mountain.

Provence is brimming with picturesque villages, and there’s always a bustling market somewhere. Visit the markets of Gordes or Menerbes and get yourself a jar of local honey or fresh goat cheese. Drive east to continue your journey, passing through the stunning Verdon Gorge river canyon, and stop to marvel at the views, or if you have time, explore on a canoe.


Croatia is another beautiful country in Europe that’s ideal for a honeymoon. It’s filled with unfathomable natural beauty, from the dramatic coastlines to the stunning natural parks home to crystal clear lakes and majestic waterfalls. The country also appeals to honeymooners with kids. It has amusement parks, family-friendly beaches, and ancient fortresses that your little ones will love to explore.

Croatia’s 12,000-km Dalmatian Coast offers a lifetime of exploration opportunities for honeymooners who love the outdoors. Charming medieval towns dot the coast, including the historic city of Dubrovnik, home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its Old Town, with mighty protective walls surrounding it, has a long history dating back to the 13th Century. The town is a fantastic place to explore with kids, especially Game of Thrones fans, as Dubrovnik was the filming location for King’s Landing.  

If you want to spend your honeymoon lounging at the beaches of Croatia, you’ll find many family-friendly beaches that are safe for kids of all ages. Head to Zadar, a beautiful city along the Dalmatian Coast famous for its sandy beaches. One of these is Zaton Beach, which has many amusement parks and water attractions, ideal for families. The water pools along its coastline are safe, and the coast is shallow, making it perfectly safe for little kids.


Greece is one of the best countries to travel with kids. So, if you’re hoping for a luxury honeymoon package in Greece with your little ones in tow, this is an ideal destination. It has the perfect combination of family-friendly beaches, great weather, incredible islands, fun outdoor activities, and historical sites kids will love to explore.

Crete is one of the best islands to visit in Greece for a honeymoon with kids. A massive island, Crete offers everything families may want for an island vacation. Here, you can spend your days relaxing at its family-friendly beaches, exploring historical sites, and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Athens is worth a stop on your honeymoon in Greece, especially if you’re a family of history lovers. Visit the Acropolis and marvel at its beautiful archaeological sites, including the Parthenon. 

While many thought that the islands of Santorini and Mykonos are only for adults, they offer plenty of fun activities kids will love. These islands are fun to explore and have many fantastic restaurants serving delectable cuisines your kids will love. Check out the nearby island of Paros, which has a kid-friendly beach called Santa Maria. Its shallow waters are safe enough for your kids to swim and play.


Italy always tops the list of the world’s best honeymoon destinations. But it’s also an ideal destination for families with kids. Home to picturesque coastal towns packed with incredible history and rich culture, Italy is undoubtedly a sure-fire destination for a honeymoon with kids.

Whether your trip begins or ends in Rome, your Italian honeymoon won’t be complete without visiting the country’s charming capital city. You and your kids will have plenty of architectural marvels to explore, from the Colosseum to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Every street corner in Rome has a gelateria that’s a true delight for kids. And while the kids are busy licking their gelatos, order a glass of cappuccino at one of the outdoor cafes and watch people pass by. 

The major lakes in Northern Italy are worth a visit on your Italian honeymoon. Go on a boat trip to the lakes to explore picturesque lakeside towns and dine at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants along the shores. Enjoy a scenic stroll by the lakes and marvel at the panoramic views. Lake Como is arguably the most famous Italian lake, although Lake Garda and Maggiore also present a paradisiacal setting, perfect for a relaxing honeymoon.


Mauritius may be a bit off the beaten path, but it’s a great honeymoon destination for adventurous couples who love to explore the outdoors. Its turquoise waters, luxe resorts, and abundant wildlife make it an ideal choice for honeymooners with kids. 

If your kids are old enough to snorkel, take them to the Blue Bay Marine Park, which you can reach on a boat trip from Point d’Ensy. After your snorkelling trip, head to the National Botanic Gardens, a wonderful place to relax and marvel at the gorgeous plants within the park. 

If you want to lounge at the beach, go to Pereybere Beach, which is not too far from the botanic gardens. It’s an idyllic beach with a short stretch of sand where you can relax and build castles with your little ones.

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