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Croatia is home to more than a thousand islands with breathtaking views. From the iconic, red-roofed buildings in Dubrovnik to the picturesque islands dotting the Adriatic Coastline, Croatia has numerous things to delight kids of all ages. Culturally diverse and historically rich, this Balkan country is a true gem to discover with the family. Here’s how to see Croatia with kids to ensure a holiday you will never forget.

Book a Sightseeing Tour 

Croatia has been gaining popularity over recent years, especially for families looking for a new place to discover with kids. But with more than a thousand islands to explore, getting around Croatia and seeing as many places as possible can be tricky. Thus, booking a Croatia sightseeing tour is highly recommended, especially for families with kids.

Sightseeing tours can be an ideal option for families, especially those visiting Croatia for the first time and want to ensure they see as many places as possible. Depending on the tour, the travel agency will handle the logistics, including accommodations and activities. You can inform them of the places you want to see. For instance, if you prefer to visit historical sites in Dubrovnik, they can arrange a guided excursion to the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the finest and best-preserved medieval cities in the world.

One of the benefits of booking a sightseeing tour is you will enjoy peace of mind, which makes your holiday with the kids more enjoyable. Planning a trip with your little ones can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, book a Croatia sightseeing tour and let the experts take care of your trip.

Stay in a Villa 

The tourism industry of Croatia is thriving. Thus, looking for a place to stay with your kids will not be that big of a challenge since many different accommodation options are available. But if you want a more comfortable and enjoyable holiday with kids, consider staying at a villa in Croatia.

Villas are great for families with kids since they are spacious and have multiple rooms. You can stay in the main bedroom while the kids occupy the rooms next to you, which makes for a relaxing stay. They also have luxury amenities for a more enjoyable bonding experience with kids. For instance, if you stay at one of the villas in the stunning Istria Region, you will find that these properties have large infinity pools where you can spend quality time with your little ones in your private place.

The cost of staying at a family villa in Croatia is almost similar to what you will pay in a hotel, especially if you’re a large family. When staying at hotels, you may need to book several rooms that could cost a lot. But with a villa, you only need to pay for the entire place, and you’ll have several rooms to accommodate everyone in the family.

Go to Amusement Parks 

Aside from sightseeing and spending time at the beach, families shouldn’t miss going to amusement parks while holidaying in Croatia. The amusement parks of Croatia are guaranteed to keep your active kids entertained for hours. These parks feature several attractions, ranging from roller coasters to carousel rides. 

The Aquacolors Poreč is the largest waterpark in Croatia, located in the town of Porec. Offering a variety of attractions for the whole family, from pools to water slides and fun amenities for little kids, Aquacolors is a great place to enjoy some fun moments with the kids. If your kids are fond of trampolines, take them to Amazinga, a trampoline park in Zagreb. Aside from trampolines, this amusement park has a VR park and a spacious playground. After a day spent jumping up and down, treat the little ones to some refreshments at the park’s restaurant and cafe. 

In Istria, there’s an amusement park called Aquapark Istralandia, located close to the town of Novigrad. As one of Croatia’s most popular amusement parks, Aquapark Istralandia offers several rides and water slides for kids of all ages.

Go Cruising 

Another way to enjoy your trip to Croatia and visit as many islands as possible is by cruising, with plenty of companies offering tours around the isles. There are also many smaller cruise ships in Croatia, perfect for those who prefer fewer crowds. A Croatian cruise is an ideal way to spend your family holiday with the kids since it includes child-friendly activities, such as snorkelling, kayaking, and swimming in picturesque coves with tranquil waters.

With more than one thousand miles of stunning mainland coastline and home to over a thousand islands, Croatia is an ideal destination for cruising. One of the most popular cruises starts in Zagreb and ends in Dubrovnik. The journey begins in the historic and charming city of Zagreb before heading to the famous Plitvice Lakes. Your cruise will also include visiting Croatia’s beautiful beaches like Zlatni Rat before arriving in Dubrovnik. This cruise is ideal for families who are nature lovers and history buffs.

When cruising in Croatia, there are many factors to consider. One of these is the weather. The Adriatic Sea is usually peaceful, but the weather is sometimes unpredictable. So, do your research well, especially since you are travelling with kids who may be prone to getting seasick.

Take a Boat Trip to the Croatian Islands

The Croatian archipelago offers endless opportunities for fun boating trips with the kids. Thus, island hopping is another popular activity for families in Croatia. Each island has a unique character and charm and is home to many beautiful beaches that your kids are guaranteed to love. 

One of the best islands to visit along the Croatian coast by boat is Hvar, part of the cluster of islands on the Dalmatian Coast. The island boasts an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes, including lavender fields that draw crowds of visitors during summer.

Brac is a must-visit on your boating trip. Famous for the Golden Horn beach, an impossibly stunning beach that draws visitors from around the world, Brac tops the list of the best islands to visit in Croatia. It’s also a perfect spot for scuba diving, thanks to its clear waters, especially the area around Lučice Bay.

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