Chester Zoo

We recently visited Chester Zoo on a weekend trip to the Manchester area. We were down to celebrate my nana’s 90th birthday and so to break the journey back home up to Scotland we had decided to stop by Chester Zoo.

Elephants at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo with Kids

Even though we live in Scotland, I have been to Chester Zoo several times. It is one of the best UK zoos I have been too. Compared to Edinburgh Zoo, one of the best things about Chester Zoo is that it is relatively flat!

Parking at Chester Zoo

There are plenty of parking spaces and even an overflow area, all of which are free.

Toddler at Chester Zoo

Child at Chester Zoo

Toddler at Chester Zoo

Entry to Chester Zoo

Any trip to the zoo will be expensive, however, I suppose the money has to pay for the animals and staff wages. I paid £20 per adult to go in, Big K was£16 and Little K being under 2 was free. Check their website for up to date prices. There is enough to see to last you a whole day which means it works out good value for money. They are open every day of the year except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Kids at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Lions at Chester Zoo

Food & Drinks at Chester Zoo

There are plenty of places for a picnic if you didn’t want to eat at any of the cafes etc. Chester Zoo has a number of cafes and food kiosks around the zoo. Prices are as usual higher than usual but the food is decent quality.

Inside the Chester Zoo

There are a lot of animals to see at Chester Zoo, and various talks at set times during the day which means you can constantly be on the move. My favourite areas of the zoo are the Realm of the Red Ape, the bats and the Elephants. I always make sure we see these areas before we leave the zoo.

There are also a couple of play areas around the park. I have been for a whole day before and not seen the whole Zoo so it is best to take your time and miss animals out so you don’t tire the kids out too much.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Is Chester Zoo Baby-Friendly?

Yes, in my opinion, it is baby-friendly. There are baby changing facilities and most places you can get your pram into them. Some of the buildings people were struggling to get their double buggies through the doors, however, they just had to open the other door to widen the entrance.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Overall Verdict

I really enjoyed our time at Chester Zoo. If we are ever in the area again then no doubt we will go back again. There is so much to see and do that you can spend the whole there and still not see everything.

If you are staying in Chester Zoo or even nearby then you could look into some days out in Birmingham.

Have you ever been to Chester Zoo?

Day out at Chester Zoo

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