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Choosing the right destination to go cruising with your tweens can be tricky. They are far too young for adult entertainment and too old for activities geared towards little kids. If you need help planning your next family cruise, then here are some of the best cruise destinations for families with tweens.


From bustling cities like Bergen and Oslo to picturesque villages home to fantastic museums, Norway exudes a unique charm that appeals to families of all kinds. In addition, Norway has stunning natural scenery offering a multitude of outdoor activities, something your tweens will love. There are also opportunities for incredible wildlife encounters during your cruise, such as seeing whales playing in the waters and seals frolicking in the fjords. And if you’re lucky, you can witness the majestic Northern Lights from your cruise ship!


France is a fantastic destination for family holidays, especially if you plan on cruising the Seine River with the family. The picturesque river winds its way into the heart of Paris, encircling the city from east to west. Your tweens will enjoy the views along the way, especially at night when the Eiffel Tower is beautifully lit up. The other attractions you will see on your cruise are the Musée d’Orsay and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

There are many options for Seine river cruises. Some are well-suited for sightseeing, while others come with dinner and drinks for a more magical experience.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean conjures images of bright blue waters and fine, powdery white sands. These pristine islands are some of the world’s most popular destinations for cruising, especially for families. When cruising the Caribbean islands, you will spend your days relaxing on the powdery white sand beaches, while your tweens can take up fun water activities, such as kayaking or snorkelling. Aside from spending time at the beach, you can also explore picturesque cities and delve into the history and culture of the place.


If your tweens are Game of Thrones fans, take them on a holiday cruise to Croatia, the perfect way to explore the islands and stunning scenery here. The majority of the scenes of this popular show were filmed in the city of Dubrovnik, and they will love exploring the walled city, home to well-preserved buildings from ancient times.

Aside from Dubrovnik, there are many other beautiful places to visit in Croatia on your cruise. The country is home to over a thousand islands, giving you plenty to explore. Many Croatian cruises will depart from Dubrovnik. Consider booking a multi-day sailing trip that takes you through Croatia’s stunning islands of Hvar, Vis, and Korcula, or head north to Split and into the magnificent Plitvice Lakes National Park.


If you want to explore ancient ruins and visit beautiful islands on your family cruise, Greece is a fantastic destination to consider. When cruising the Greek islands, you will visit historic villages home to ancient ruins and stunning beaches. 

Athens is a perfect base for your cruise holiday in Greece. Before sailing to the picturesque Greek islands, take your tweens to explore the city’s archaeological sites, including the symbols of Western Civilization, such as the Parthenon.

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