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As parents, at some point, we are all going to have toddlers who are about to potty train or in the middle of potty training. The correct way of doing things always differs and everyone always seems to have an opinion on what way will work. Even the boys’ fathers’ mum kept telling me to wait and do it this way and that was incorrect etc.

Want to know what I did? I toilet trained my son while on a weeks holiday to Portugal. He was 2 years and 2 months old. I decided he was ready and by the time we flew home he was completely dry during the day. Not that I’m bragging, but everyone is always impressed as “boys are harder than girls”…well so they say.

For me, this was the easiest way to do it. I have seen people say before it only takes a week, stay indoors and leave them without a nappy on and you will be fine. To me, that makes no sense. To lock yourself indoors for one week and not go around your normal day to day routine isn’t going to be stress-free is it? Also no nappy on? What happens at the end of the week when your child refuses to wear underwear because they haven’t had to wear them before? Although like I said above everyone will have an opinion on the matter and if this method works for you then great 🙂

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Potty Training While on Holiday

Why did I choose to do it while away?

Because I knew every day we would be going out and exploring and for me, it would be less stressful and it was. If I were to stay indoors with accidents happening I would go loopy! Also, my son has never used a potty…to be honest for me pottys are a middle step as you then have to teach them to sit on the toilet so my son just went straight to the toilet.

So if your toddler is about to potty train or even is still potty training then you may find some of our tips helpful. Remember there is no right or wrong way with potty training so if my tips below are not for you then don’t worry there will be other ways to do it that you can find information on.

Top Tips for Potty Training while on Holiday (which worked for my son)

Toilet Training

Introduce the toilet before you go

So from about 18 months old every night I would sit my son on the toilet. I would cheer and clap and this made him relax. He didn’t go for a wee for a couple of weeks while sitting on it, I just wanted him to get used to it. Then one night he did a wee and I  clapped and cheered more and even added in my happy dance! I may have looked like an idiot but my son loved it. From then on every night without fail he would wee on the toilet. This means when you do decide to potty train (or toilet train) then won’t get scared and cry.

Take lots of spare clothes

I think our first 3 days there were lots of accidents. Day 2 being the worse with over 10…which I was told countless times that day that my son wasn’t ready. I knew he was, it was just that he was testing me. So lots of underwear and bottoms so you can change them while out and about works great.

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Don’t stress when they do have accidents

If they wee or poo by accident, then don’t make a fuss. Say “doesn’t matter lets go to the toilet anyway” take them to the toilet and clean them up, change their clothes and let them know it’s ok, but next time lets try the toilet instead. Getting stressed about accidents can upset them and they will end up doing more accidents or even holding it in.

Take them to the toilet frequently

Even if you ask them and they say no…take them anyway. You will more than likely find they will go and they did need it. Every 30-40 minutes is what I started off with my son. If we were going out in the car then toilet first before going even if you are just going around the corner.

No Pull ups

Another bit of advice that everyone seems to differ on. I go against what everyone seems to say as for me, if you are stopping nappies then don’t put pull-ups on your child. Not even for naps. If they have an accident then so be it. Pull-ups will just confuse your child.

Portable toilet seat
Picture Credit: Amazon

Portable toilet seat

Like the picture above. I use these on all our toilets and it was easier enough to stick in the suitcase. It’s a bit big for putting in your changing bag but to stick under your pram is great, otherwise, crouch down in front of your child and hold them on the toilet. Make them feel secure.

Car Seat Insert
Picture Credit: Amazon

Car Seat Insert

Great for if your renting a car seat or even on the plane journey home (I forgot about the journey home but my son had no accidents) Very useful in case you get stuck in traffic or can’t pull over in time.

Make a fuss – A good one though

See point one…if they go to the toilet, then clap, cheer and even add in a dance. You may look and sound an idiot but your child will love the fuss! If you are doing reward charts then remember to give them their stickers or whatever you are using for the sticker

So there you go. My top tips for toilet training/potty training while on holiday. Like I have said the above tips may not work for you and another method will, but work out what you want to try before starting and stick to it. Don’t change it every couple of days as your little one will just end up confused.

Is anyone thinking of potty training soon or in the middle of it? How are you getting on? Would you consider Potty Training While on Holiday?

Potty Training While on Holiday

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