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The lovely people at Totseat recently got in touch. They asked if I wanted to review their product,  and I jumped at the chance. There have been countless times when we have been on a family holiday (even in the UK) and walked into a restaurant where no highchairs have been available. This meant the youngest of my sons sitting on our laps while we ate our dinner (not ideal!) A totseat would have made the situation so much easier and less stressful. I have been putting the Totseat through some testing and here is what I thought of it.

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Latest Prices For The Totseat

Totseat travel highchair

Lowdown on the Totseat Portable Highchair

Totseat Portable Highchair

It is a portable high chair that is machine washable (yes you read correctly!). It also packs up small into a handy little bag. This is great for putting in your changing bag or under your pram while out and about. It fits onto most chairs and can be adjusted quite quickly if the chair isn’t a standard size. I think it’s great for while out at a restaurant and a highchair isn’t available, or if you visit a friend’s house who doesn’t have a child.

There are a good number of designs available on their website which I am sure most people would like. It is also at a reasonable cost ranging from £20-£30

Totseat Small and Compact

How It Works

When you first take the totseat out of the little bag you have the main seat area and another extra “belt” like object. If your chair has no back to it (as in the space) you will use this belt-like object to wrap around the space so your little one doesn’t fall through the gap! The seat then goes over the back of the chair, which you then tighten with the adjustable toggle.

The seating area has buttons to adjust the length of the seating part. So if your seat has a low back to it, then more than likely you will need to adjust the seating area with the buttons so it doesn’t overhang the seat. You then thread the straps around and insert your little one. Then once your little one is sitting in the seat you then clip the straps at the back of the seat. (see the video below for a visual view)

Video if from Sippy Cup Mama

The Cons

It did take me some getting used to when I first started using the Totseat. However, that could just be me!! The only other con I can think of is that it obviously sits low on the chair, so you have to watch in case your little one bangs their head on the table. Although the pros outweigh the cons so I think overall it is great.

Totseat in Use
Totseat is also great if you are at work and your grumpy child wants his lunch!

Child in a totseat


This is a must-have essential for any parent. It is great for when you are travelling and for when you are out and about back home. No more juggling a wriggly baby or toddler on your lap while you try to eat your food. They can sit safely and securely on their own chair.

If you wish to purchase a Totseat then you can buy them from Amazon – Check for the most up to date prices here

Disclaimer: We were sent a totseat for the purpose of this review. However, opinions are my own and are completely honest. 

A Travel Highchair For Babies and Toddlers

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