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Being a single parent is hard enough but travelling as a single parent can be even more difficult. Where do you find time for work? Where do you find time to take care of yourself and your children? Where do you find the money for childcare or hotel rooms? Where do you find the money to eat out? Even if you are able to find the answers to all the above, it can still be a daunting process and a minefield to find the answers.

Single parents need to be aware of the challenges they may face when travelling alone with children. As a single parent on the road, there are many things to consider.

Things To Consider When Travelling With Kids

Considerations while travelling: What to think about when travelling solo with children.

• Always bring your child’s immunization records with you.

• Bring snacks.

• Bring a change(s) of clothes.

• Bring a book or music to keep everyone entertained.

• Bring a first aid kit.

• Pack your child’s favourite toys.

• Plan your journey. Know the best travel routes, and the best times to travel.

• Plan your route. Avoid crowded areas.

Pros: What are some benefits of travelling as a single parent with kids?

• You get to know your son/daughter on a more personal level.

• It is easier to get away alone if you need to.

• You can take longer breaks if needed.

• You can have more freedom to make your own decisions.

• You can enjoy more luxury travel.

• You will enjoy seeing the world with your child.

What are some additional benefits if you travel with your kids?

• You can create memories and learn new things.

• You can learn to enjoy new cultures, foods or places.

Cons: What are some limitations of travelling as a single parent with kids?

• You will need to prepare for the worst. Your child could be sick or could be in danger.

• You might feel sad if you do not spend as much time as you’d like with your child.

• You may become overwhelmed at times.

Other things to consider:

• Do you have any other children? How will you split your time and energy between them?

• Will you need help and support with your children?

• Do you have any relatives or friends who can help you with your children?

Travelling with a child: How to prepare for a trip with a baby, child or teen

To make the most of your time with your kids, you’ll need to plan carefully.

• Consider what you want to achieve from your trip.

• Plan the places you want to visit. Your kids don’t need to see the same things you do.

• Do you want to go on road trips, a hotel break or something completely different?

• How long will you be away? What are your travel options?

• Do you need to buy any special equipment?

• Is your child old enough to understand why you are going away?

• Make sure you know exactly what you are getting your child into.

• What are the dangers your child might be exposed to? Ask questions, read up.

Tips: As a single parent, what should you do before going on a trip?

• Make sure you know where you are going. Don’t go somewhere you haven’t been before unless you are very confident about your ability to navigate/read a map.

• Do you know what your child will be able to do on the trip?

• Do you have a plan if the worst-case scenario happens?

In conclusion, travelling with a child can be a lot of work, but it is totally worth it. Using the aforementioned tips and techniques will help you have a much more enjoyable time with your child, without all the stress. 

If you are considering travelling with your kids for the first time, use these tips to help make your travels easier and more enjoyable. Travelling with kids can be a lot of work but it’s totally worth it.

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