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Educational trips are becoming a trend these days, especially for parents who want to teach their kids about the different cultures around the world. Balancing excursion, exploration, and immersion, an educational trip to a unique destination offers an invaluable opportunity for kids to learn something first-hand, broadening their perspective of life while cultivating a new generation of global citizens.

Here are unique holiday destinations for an educational trip.

South Africa 

A land of incredible beauty and contrast, South Africa offers a rich array of educational travel experiences. It’s a fantastic place to discover a variety of wildlife species, learn about new cultures, and take up fun outdoor adventures. 

When it comes to wildlife encounters in South Africa, many will immediately think of Kruger. Sure, a wildlife safari in Kruger National Park is an incredible way for kids to learn about the wild. But you’ll find many other fun wildlife encounters to experience in the country. You can snorkel with seals in Cape Town, experience a close encounter with vultures in Drakensberg, track cheetahs in Mountain Zebra National Park, or spot great white sharks on a cruise to Dyer Island.

If you want your kids to learn about South Africa’s culture and history, take them to places like the Robben Island and Apartheid Museum. Robben Island is where you’ll find Nelson Mandela’s jail cell. Meanwhile, the Apartheid Museum is where you’ll find information about South Africa’s painful history of apartheid, segregation and political executions.


For adventurous families seeking to experience an exotic destination rich in culture and history, Vietnam is an ideal destination to take your kids to. Educationally the country offers awe-inspiring Vietnamese travel experiences you won’t find anywhere else. It has rich historical legacies, fascinating culture, lush jungles, bustling cities, and laidback mountain villages waiting for you to discover. 

For outdoorsy kids old enough to trek, take them on a trekking adventure through Vietnam. It’s a great way to discover minority villages while learning about new cultures and seeing stunning landscapes. Sa Pa, a mountainous region in northern Vietnam, offers excellent trekking opportunities. Your trek will take you to picturesque mountain trails, scenic rice fields, and local villages home to a community of ethnic minorities. 

Cruising down the Mekong River is another exciting way to learn about Vietnam’s fascinating culture. The river runs through China’s Yunan province and into Vietnam’s neighbouring countries. Home to a myriad of villages with villagers selling different products on a boat, the Mekong River is bustling with life. As you cruise down the river at a gentle pace, you’ll discover a part of Vietnam that you may not experience in some other places.


Hawaii has endless miles of coastline dotted with majestic volcanoes and gorgeous islands. While many would come here for the beach, others are more fascinated with the cultural experiences, such as hula dances, luau, and other cultural traditions. If you want to expose your kids to new cultures in a land famous for its breathtaking landscapes, you should choose Hawaii as your next holiday destination. 

If you want to experience authentic Hawaiian culture, go hula dancing. As one of the many Pacific dance traditions, hula is distinctively Hawaiian. You’ll find many places in Hawaii offering authentic hula experiences. For instance, the Royal Hawaiian Centre in Oahu offers hula lessons to visitors of all ages. But for an extraordinary way to experience this tradition, you can join hula workshops where you’ll learn the entire sequence of the dance and delve into the history behind it. 

If your kids are more adventurous and prefer to indulge in outdoor experiences, enrol them in a surfing school in Hawaii. For instance, Waikiki Beach is known to offer surf lessons for little kids as young as six. Surfing is an ideal activity for your little ones, as it helps them to gain confidence in a playful way, which is good for their mental health.

The Galapagos 

The remote archipelago of the Galapagos Islands has long been captivating visitors for its famously fearless wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Located about six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos is a perfect destination for an educational trip with the kids. 

The highlight of your trip to the Galapagos Islands is getting close and personal with incredible species like marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, and giant tortoises. What’s even fascinating is that these creatures are not afraid of people, except for the male sea lion that can be feisty sometimes. The islands serve as a massive pen-free zoo for kids to explore, an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives! When discovering the wildlife of the Galapagos, you can opt for a cruise or land-based excursions.

Aside from wildlife encounters, kids will also have the chance to take up various water-based activities. The archipelago is home to beautiful beaches, such as those on Santa Cruz Island, where they can enjoy swimming or snorkelling. There’s even an opportunity to snorkel with sea lions! They can also go kayaking, where they could come across turtles, penguins and marine iguanas as they paddle through the shore.


China may not often come to mind when it comes to family holidays, but it’s a unique destination to consider for an educational trip with the kids. The country boasts many intriguing and child-friendly activities to keep kids entertained.

Head to Chengdu, where your kids can witness the giant pandas in their natural habitat. Aside from seeing the cute pandas, Chengdu is also a lovely city to explore and home to some amusement parks that kids will love.  

Guilin, a picturesque city in the southern part of the country, is famous for its dramatic landscapes of karst hills, scenic lakes, limpid rivers, and enchanting caves. One of the best ways to discover the city’s unique beauty is on a bike. Aside from cycling, Guilin offers many other fun activities, such as cruising on a bamboo raft along the Li River and discovering local villages in the mountains.

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