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Last week we headed to Callander and decided to go and see Bracklinn Falls, so we wanted to try Little Drum Wood too. We have lived in Scotland for over 20 years now and we have never visited! The lovely Jenny from Monkey and Mouse suggested we visited Little Drum Wood, so we thought we would check it out and see what it was like. We are so glad we went as it was a great day out.

Boy on the stepping stones
Big K at Little Drum Wood

Our Little Drum Wood Woodland Adventure

By the time we got to Callander it was lunch time (it takes nearly an hour to drive!), so we parked up and headed to our usual cafe for lunch. After we had finished our lunch we got back in the car to try and find the Little Drum Wood car park. I knew roughly where the car park was but when trying to find it was a lot harder than I thought. Even though it was one road every time we turned a corner or a sign came into view, I had to slow down to check it was the right place or not!

Outdoor adventures
Big K at Little Drum Wood
Troll in Brig o Turk
Big K meeting the troll!

Little Drum Wood, Near Brig o’Turk

We eventually got to the car park and it was pretty busy. Well it wasn’t, but the cars had parked all spaced out which meant I had to park the car in the top corner, and squeeze the car in. When we were getting ready the weather looked quite dull so we got jumpers and waterproofs on (that was a big mistake!) and put our youngest son in the carrier.

We set off from the car park following the blue route which led round Little Drum Wood. We decided to make a detour to go see the Troll. The sign at his “house” mentioned he sleeps during the day, much to the relief of our eldest son. He was pretty scared and decided he didn’t want to stay in case the Troll woke up.


Exploring On Our Walk

What the kids really enjoyed were the musical instruments around the walk and things for them to explore. We decided to stop at the giant seed (well I think that’s what it was) and let both boys climb about for a bit. They both enjoyed it so much and I managed to snap the above picture of them! I love it so much.

We then set off again and took another detour down to the Loch…however there were some campers down there and we didn’t want to disturb them. We headed back up hill and continued following the the trail. This is when we then came back to where the “pink trail” turned off. We decided to go on this walk too just to explore.

Brothers playing
The boys having fun
View of Loch Venechar
View of Loch Venechar

This walk was a bit steep in places but once we go to the top of the first climb we were met by some beautiful views. We stopped on a bench for some chocolate and a juice and also to take off our waterproofs! The walk was great as it was so scenic and I would say peaceful but our boys make so much noise there isn’t any chance for hearing the birds! Ha!

Time For A Rest Stop!

We followed the loop all the way back round to Brig o’Turk, where we stopped at the cafe for another drink…by this time the weather had changed and it was about 17 degrees! I think we were all hot and sweaty by the time we reached the cafe.

River view
River View
Mother and son
Selfie time!

After the cafe stop, it was back to it and we slowly headed back to the car park. In total, I think it was roughly 3.5 miles which is a great walk and we all enjoyed it. We will definitely go back again at some point, especially to the Little Drum Wood part. I think it is the only woodland walk we have done that has a variety of things to do while you walk around it.

Have you ever been? Do you like getting outdoors with your children?

Little Drum Wood Get Outdoors With The Kids

Monkey and Mouse

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  1. I’m so glad you took my suggestion and visited, we really do love this woodland and we stop by in all weathers and seasons to explore. Not too long for little legs and plenty to keep them occupied along the way. It looks like your kids had a great time too. It seems so strange to see other bloggers visiting the areas in my little part of the world, normally everyone is down South! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x

  2. What a fun walk for the little ones, especially with all the things to see and explore along the way. Bless your boy being scared of the troll. Three and a half miles is a great walk, I bet you all slept well after it 🙂 #whatevertheweather

    1. Yes it was a great walk. My son is scared of everything…even Peter Rabbit. Our eldest slept well which was great, but our youngest doesnt sleep well anyway but thats a whole other topic hehe x

  3. Thanks for this, we went today and really enjoyed it. Your post got shared on a local group a while ago and I finally got round to going!

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