Children at Plodda Falls

Plodda Falls are in the beautiful Glen Affric. They are the highest waterfalls in the area at 46 metres. To get there is a bit of an adventure in itself as you have to drive up a single track and then onto a bumpy dirt road for a couple of miles. Don’t take a sports car up there as it may never return!

You finally reach the car park, which in the busier months I can see it being pretty busy. I was told it was £2 for the car park but I couldn’t see anywhere to pay this.

I love getting outdoors with the kids and were impressed with the work that the Forestry Commision of Scotland have done to the trails to make it appealing to visitors.

Plodda Falls in Glen Affric

Plodda Falls, Glen Affric

The Plodda Falls Trails

There are two trails at Plodda Falls – white and green. The white trail is a shorter route which should take about 30 minutes. Whereas the green route is longer and should take 1.5hrs – 2hrs depending on how young your children are. We took the green route and walked around anticlockwise. This meant the waterfalls would be our reward.

Plodda Falls in Glen Affric

Plodda Falls

We would definitely recommend the green trail as it is through a lovely forest of Douglas trees. There are a few ups and downs which can get a bit slippery when wet. However, my 3-year-old son managed just fine with holding a hand to steady him.

There are a few places to stop along the way to take pictures or stop for a break before heading up towards the falls. If you walk anticlockwise then turn right before you get to the top. This path leads to the bottom of the falls, where you can take pictures.

Plodda Falls in Glen Affric

You will also find a platform right at the top which hangs over the falls. The boys and I didn’t stay on the platform for long, as it was setting my anxiety off!

After a slight meltdown from my eldest son, we headed back off to the car.

Once the car came into view the boys started cheering and clapping.

Plodda Falls in Glen Affric

A Family Friendly Walk?

Yes, I would say Plodda Falls is a family-friendly walk. Depending on how well your children walk there are two walks which if you take your time are definitely doable for children.

Plodda Falls

Facilities at Plodda Falls

  • Firstly there are no toilets at Plodda Falls.
  • Both routes are not pram friendly. It is best to take a carrier.
  • The car park was free, but I was told by a local that it was a £2 charge.
  • There are picnic benches along the green trail and at the car park if you wish to take a picnic with you.
  • The white trail is 1/2 mile long and the green trail is 1.5 miles long.

Plodda Falls

Plodda Falls

Have you been to Plodda Falls before? Let me know in the comments below.

Family Friendly Walks - Plodda Falls Glen Affric

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