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Trunki’s are a pretty cool concept. They have been around for a while now and there are always new designs coming out. I’m sure you have been to an airport, train station, or somewhere on your travels and have seen children sitting on them or zooming about on them.

If you have never heard of a Trunki then it is basically a ride on suitcase geared towards children aged 3+. Both my boys use their Trunki’s while we are on a  family holiday and they can store quite a lot of toys inside. Why not have a read below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Trunki Carry on Suitcase Review

Trunki Suitcase For Kids

Trunki’s have a seat area and horns which your child can hold onto, they also have a handle carry handle and strap (which can be used to pull the child along on). They are built from the same durable plastic as adult suitcases which means it can be ridden many times. As it is also made out of plastic it means they are really easy to clean in case of any family travel mishaps!

You can pull them around without your children sitting on them too. However, make sure your little ones don’t bash into anyone or anything. The strap can be quite long which could deem a trip hazard if they are not careful.

Trunki blue


Size: 46 x 21 x 31 cm
Volume: 18 litres
Weight: 1.7kg
Max Ride Weight: 50kg

Due to their size, they are perfect carry on luggage as they are the correct size for most airlines. It is always an idea to check with your airline before you fly as sometimes Trunki’s can go over the carry on size limit. Due to their size you can also fit them under the plane seat in front of you. Although we do just tend to take out what we need and store them in the overhead compartments on the plane.

Spacious Internal Size

It has a great amount of internal space  (18 litres) which means you can pack a lot of toys in it. Surprisingly they can fit quite a lot inside them. Pulling a Trunki full of toys never feels that heavy but they can be heavy to lift. Tip: Remember to weigh them if your airline has a carry on luggage allowance weight.

Buy Additional Trunki Accessories.

It also has straps inside to hold things in place. You can also buy accessories to go with the Trunki. We have also bought a Trunki Tote bag which sits inside and holds things together a bit better. You can see a picture of the Tote Bag below

Trunki Tote Bag

Trunkis also have lockable catches, but to be honest I have never used this option as they are pretty secure without being locked. Little K’s Trunki is a newer version and his catches are a different design, which I do find easier to open.

Top Tip

Remember to make sure that your child(ren) will play ball and pull their own Trunki along. Otherwise, you are going to have to make sure you have enough hands to carry your own luggage and theirs. Which isn’t great when you sometimes need a hand for them too! A pull along backpack or backpack may be a better option for them if they won’t carry/pull it along themselves.

Our Verdict:

Overall a great design and my kids love them. Trunkis come in so many  different designs  for your kids to choose from. From the Pink Trunki, to the Tiger Trunki, they are bound to find one they like. They can also be really useful for overnight stays with the grandparents etc. Enough space inside for clothes, nappies and toys if needed.

Kids Verdict:

It’s a big yes from my boys. They love their Trunki’s and they know as soon as I have them out that holiday time is near and they need to select toys to go in them. I think giving them the task of packing their Trunki’s makes them feel very grown-up and special.

Trunki Inside

* The Trunki’s we have are our own, which I have paid for myself. I have not been paid for writing this review and this is 100% my own opinion. 

Carry on suitcase for children. Airline friendly and great fun. Lots of designs and children love them

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First Published – Dec 2015

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