Wheels and Wings Show

I found out about the Wheels and Wings Show Via Jenny at Monkey and Mouse. Jenny had written a post about Whats on in Scotland in Sep 2016. After having a read and showing the information, I decided it would be a great day out. East Fortune is not too far from us. It is just the traffic around the Edinburgh bypass to conquer.

Wheels and Wings Show

Family Fun at the Wheels and Wings Show

Arriving At The Wheels and Wings Show

We left a bit later than expected as I had to get my dogs walked first. From our house, it took just over 1.5hrs to get there.  Upon arrival at about 12pm, we drove into the ticket line queue. It cost us £41 in total including £4 for parking, which is great value for money. We parked up and I started getting the boys and pram ready. Setting off down the side of the car park we took about 5-10 minutes to get down to the main arena. After stopping off at the toilets we found a picnic spot to watch the Motorbike and Quad bike show.

Enjoying Lunch

Wheels and Wings Show

Wheels and Wings Show

Wheels and Wings Show

Picnic and Stunts at Wheels and Wings Show

Bringing a picnic was definitely a good idea, as the queue for food inside was pretty long and the cafe was busy. We had managed to find a prime spot for watching the show. This meant we could tuck into our food just before the show began. Both boys really enjoyed the show; with Little K clapping and laughing and dancing to the music. While Big K shouted and cheered along. It was definitely a great highlight for both of them.

Wheels and Wings Show

Wheels and Wings Show

Wheels and Wings Show

Sitting under Concorde

Seeing Concorde

After the show and our picnic, we packed up and headed to where the Concorde is so we could use the baby change facilities. The queue for going inside the Concorde was very long. Instead, I decided to look around the hanger and take some pictures of the boys sitting under the plane. On a previous visit, I had taken pictures of Big K in the exact same spot so it was great to be able to compare them once I got home.

Wheels and Wings Show

Wheels and Wings Show

Wheels and Wings Show

What to See Outside

There were so many things to see at the event from classic cars, miniature trains, fire engines, birds of prey. You also get in your ticket price entry to the museum of flight. We made our way around the classic cars and the miniature trains where we stood talking to one of the owners for 20 minutes. Most of that time was spent trying to get him to pronounce Big K’s name. For the life of him, he couldn’t say it and kept adding extra letters to it. Must have been my bad accent making it harder for him to understand.

Afterwards, we headed off to see the fire engines and explored inside some of the planes that sit outside the hangers. We managed to fit in the birds of prey show which Big K found very interesting. Unfortunately, by this time Little K was getting very grumpy and I spent most of the show trying to stop him from having a meltdown. He had missed his nap in the morning (I had hoped he would sleep on the drive-through but he obviously had other ideas)

Wheels and Wings Show

Tired Boy Means Home Time

We spent another 30 minutes after the show looking around but it was becoming more and more difficult to keep Little K from having a meltdown so we headed back to the car for the drive home.

Wheels and Wings Show

Fun day out

It was such a great day out and we still had much more we could have seen. I am hoping to go back next year if it is on again so we can spend more time going to the hangers and the education hanger which we missed completely. Oh, and Little K fell asleep soon as we left the car park and Big K wasn’t that far behind him either.

Our family day at the Wheels and Wings Show

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    1. Yes it is always a good sign when they fall asleep. They both really enjoyed it, just wished we could have stayed longer to look around a bit more. Thank you for commenting 🙂 x

  1. Thanks for the mention and so sorry we missed you! Let me know if you’re going to any other events and we can say hi! It looks like your boys had a great time, we loved the bikes too and I really want to jump a ramp on a quad too, it looked brilliant! We loved the bird show too, although the eagle going off to the car park was quite amusing!! You should definitely visit the educational hangar, that’s always a highlight of our boys visits too. Thanks for sharing with #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    1. Yeah the boys had a great time. We missed the morning bird show so we never got to see the eagle going off to the car park…although we seen the eagle in the car park and the man collecting it. We will definitely go back again as it was a great event 🙂 x

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