French Books for Kids

I am always in awe of people who can switch between languages instantly and keep up a conversation. Back in the day, I studied French at school and I was pretty good at it too. Unfortunately, I never kept up with the learning and now I only know a small amount of what I once knew.

I have always wanted to learn more languages so when we do go away I can speak to the locals. I also teach Big K a few words when we go away and he knows how to order his apple juice in French.

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What Languages Would You Love To Learn?

French Books for Kids


I would love to be able to learn some more French again, as we go to France quite a lot. Big K also knows a number of words and so I would love to be able to help him with learning it too. He is also learning French at school so having Flashcards and First Thousand Words in French (Usborne First Thousand Words) book really help him too.

Italian Books for Kids


I bought an audio CD a while back and started to learn a bit of Italian, however you had to speak out loud while listening and I felt rather silly. I will have to get it back out again and learn some again. I have bought my boy’s Everyday Words Flashcards: Italian flashcards which are so bright and colourful. Even I like them!


We haven’t really visited Spain, however, I would love to learn so if we do eventually decide to visit, I can try to keep a conversation up with the locals. One of my friends is fluent in Spanish and it makes me feel bad that I haven’t tried learning. I haven’t gotten round to buying anything about learning Spanish as I think French and Italian is enough for now.

Hopes for the future

Even if I can learn some more French and Italian I think I would be very impressed. Even better if I can then teach Big K some too. How would you go about teaching yourself a new language or your children a new language? I think for my boys a mixture of flashcards and repeating the words would work best.

If you would like to do some further reading on learning a language then head over to Mamma Prada for her language learning hacks for holidays.

Are there any languages you would love to learn? Do your children know any different languages too?

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  1. I’m Dutch and I am that person that can easily switch between languages 😉 for me it’s Dutch, German, English and Spanish (though the latter only basic). I hope my kids will learn many languages too. For learning languages, there are also lots of fun apps, for adults and kids.

    1. Oh wow! Im always amazed at people who can switch so easily! I wish I had more time so I could learn some more languages. I only know English and bits of French. 🙁 I’m hoping our boys will learn and teach me at the same time hehe

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