Packing cubes for family travel

Packing cubes which are also known as travel cubes are the perfect travel bags for family travel. I started using these packing cubes for our suitcases back in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Packing cubes have so many uses that you should really consider them for family travel, whether it be a short trip or a long trip.

I find using these packing bags for travel one of my must-have travel essentials, which shows just how useful they are.

Why not read on further to find out why you should use travel bags for packing and what uses travel packing bags have.

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Packing Bags for family travel
Big K’s stuff

Our Top Reasons To Use Packing Bags For Family Travel

Packing Bags Come In Different Colours

Packing cubes come in a huge range of colours. So the first question you may have is “how many packing cubes do I need?” Well, personally I have 3 different colours; one for each of the boys and one set for me. For example, this means if I need clothes for the youngest as he has had an accident I can quickly open up the suitcase and pull out his coloured bag. It makes things so much easier just to grab the kids packing cubes and then there is no need to repack the whole suitcase again.

Depending on how many are in your family, will depend on how many you will need to buy. I bought a set of 3 in 4 different colours. Included in the 3 sets of packing cubes are 3 sizes. The smallest size I use for socks and underwear. The middle sized packing cubeI use for clothes (normally the boy’s clothes) and the largest ones I use for my clothes. On a single trip, I do not use all 3 in each colour.

Packing Bags for family travel
Little K’s stuff

Packing Cubes Keep Things Neat

After you have decided how many packing cubes you will need, the next question may be “how to use packing cubes?”. One major advantage of using packing cubes in a suitcase is that your clothes can be neatly packed inside them. Once the cubes (bags) are within the suitcase everything stays put, instead of sliding about at the bottom of your suitcase. It also doesn’t matter if you fold or roll your clothes to pack them into the packing cubes as each way will stop them from getting creased.

Packing Bags for family travel

No Need To Unpack

Once you have reached your destination, you can just pull the packing bags out of your suitcase and leave them in the drawers or the wardrobe. Clothes then stay neatly packed which means its easier for repacking when leaving!

Packing cubes for family travel

Packing Cubes Have Mulitple Uses

What makes travel packing cubes great for family travel is that they have multiple uses. The main being able to use yourpacking cubes to keep all your clothes into your suitcase. Other packing cube uses can be:

  • An overnight bag
  • Keeping all your cables and chargers together
  • Keeping underware separate from clothes
  • Putting dirty washing in them to keep them separate from your clean clothes
  • Separating each member of the families clothes
  • Toiletries in them (although if they leak then it will go through the mesh – you could wrap them in a bag first)

I’m sure there are plenty of other uses for them. However, I’m sure this will give you some ideas to get you started.

Top Tips For Using Packing Bags

  • Don’t overfill or underfill your packing cubes. It does take some practice, but when you get it right it can make packing your suitcases so much easier.
  • Remember to fill the spaces between the bars in your suitcase first before putting the packing cubes in. You don’t want to waste space! I normally put shoes/sandals in between the bars.

I love my E-Bag packing cubes and think they are the best packing cubes around. However, you will find many different brands at all different price ranges.

Does anyone else use packing bags for family travel? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Why Packing Cubes Are Great For Family Travel | Travel Packing Bags Have Multiple Uses For Family Travel

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  1. I always use packing cubes for my luggage. It saves me a lot of space and my stuff are very organized. I totally support the usage of packing cubes!

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