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I have been on two family all-inclusive holidays with my children. For me personally, I find all-inclusive slightly more stressful with my youngest sons food allergies. However, I have written up my pros and cons for all-inclusive holidays with children.

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Should You Go All Inclusive With Children?

Pros of All Inclusive

  • There is not much difference in price compared to Half Board. (this is from the holidays we have been on – it may not be the same for all package deals)
  • You can give the kids snacks/food throughout the day if needed at no extra cost. (Obviously, each all-inclusive deal will have terms and conditions on what drinks will be included)
  • If you are staying around the hotel during the day then you don’t necessarily need a lot of spending money.
  • You will have already paid for a big chunk of your holiday before even going away on holiday. This means you can then work out a budget for your spending money
  • You have the option to still go and explore the area and then get back for an afternoon snack. (that’s good in my books)
  • Decent food; even for fussy eaters (although I suppose this depends on what the hotels offer)
  • Normally they have buffet style restaurants which means you can get your food quickly without waiting for service (great for hungry kids!)

All Inclusive With Children

Cons of All Inclusive

  • If you plan on going out every day, all day then it may not be worth the money. Self-catering or half board may be a better option.
  • Food can get a bit samey. As sometimes the same food could be getting served every day or every second day.
  • Some children may not like buffet style/all inclusive

Our verdict of All Inclusive

I would definitely go all-inclusive again even though we do tend to go out most days while on holiday with my children. I like the idea of knowing I have paid for the bulk of the holiday before we go and don’t really need much spending money. However, as I said at the start of this post, I do find it more stressful trying to make sure the food is okay for my youngest before he eats anything.

Birds and Lillies also has a great post on why you should choose All Inclusive for a family holiday if you want to read some more.

So that’s are low down for all-inclusive with kids. Does anyone else have any pros and cons for going all-inclusive with children?

All Inclusive With Kids Is it Worth It

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