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WiFi on the go is pretty important for most families nowadays, never mind for bloggers. As a family, you may not allow tablets and phones while away but for me, it is very important to have WiFi while on a family holiday.

Why? Well, I still have to be able to access my emails and run our family business away from home. I also like to be able to access emails for this family travel blog so I don’t fall behind with the work it needs! I have found that sometimes the hotel WiFi or campsite WiFi does not cut it when you are looking to get some work done.

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That is why I invested in a Huawei Dongle for wi-fi on the go.

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Wifi on the go. Dongle and laptop

How To Get Wifi On Holiday

I bought my unlocked Huawei dongle from the Amazon website. At first, I purchased a Data Sim from EE. However, I later found out it wasn’t going to work abroad, which meant I had to look for an alternative.

This is when I purchased a data sim from 3. They have their Feel At Home destinations which means you can use your UK data in any of the stated countries. I have tried it several times in different countries now and it has worked great. It is perfect for holiday WiFi. Especially when some hotels and other types of accommodation sometimes still charge for you to use their WiFi.

Latest Prices For The HUAWEI DONGLE

Since realizing how well it worked, I decided to get a contract with 3, so I could use it whenever for a set monthly fee. It really has become a valuable piece of kit to take with us for the internet on holiday or while away on business.

If you don’t plan on getting a contract then you may find it cheaper to buy separate SIM cards instead of just one and then topping up once it runs out.

Toshiba Netbook
My handy Netbook for travelling!

I find having a WIFI-Dongle really does come in handy as it is very portable. It can fit in your pocket or handbag! The signal and speed always seem to be good and I haven’t had any problems so far (touch wood).

On a previous trip, my dad also rented a TEP wireless which arrived at my parent’s house pre-trip. It was then posted back at the end of our family holiday.

Latest Prices For The HUAWEI DONGLE

Do you use any WiFi dongles when away or do you stick to using the accommodation WiFi? Let me know below in the comments if you have a travel wifi dongle or not.

Disclaimer – I have not been paid in any way for this post. This is 100% my opinion and truthful.

Wifi on the go for a family holiday

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    1. I use a Data Sim and that uses the standard data allowance. You are best checking with the company you get your sim card from as it may be different if you use a normal sim compared to just a data sim.

  1. Travelling with a teenager causes alot of stress as he has no Xbox to play online with his friends , do you have any idea if what you use would work to allow him to play Xbox online with his friends whilst in lodge in France?

    1. Hi Joanne, I would think it would work (depending on mobile signal and if an xbox connects via wifi etc). But Im not sure how long it would last as it would be like using data on your mobile phone. Im not sure how much data an xbox would need as I don’t use one. Sorry if that’s not much help.

  2. I’ve been wanting a WiFi solution for us for a while now. This was such a helpful article and I’ll definitely be looking into what you’ve been using. We really need data while we are away and sometimes access is definitely an issue depending on the type of resort we are staying at

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful. I find it so stressful when you need to use hotel wifi and it keeps cutting out or expensive. I take my WiFi dongle everywhere and my dad takes his contract one with him too. So much easier x

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