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Now that I have been helping to teach my eldest son how to ride a bike, the next step is bike safety. Bike safety is a big concern of mines and after he now has learned to ride a bike this is the next step.

So with that in mind, I will now be trying to teach him how to be safe while out on his bike. I’m hoping that if I do this over the summer holidays by the time my eldest starts school in August he will be able to cycle with me instead of me pulling both boys in the trailer.

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Bike at Beecraigs Country Park
Big K’s bike

Top Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Ride Safely

Bike Safety – Wear A Helmet

This is always a top priority for me and I really dislike seeing children riding bikes, on scooters etc without a helmet.  A helmet may not stop the accident, but it can help protect your child from gaining a more serious head injury. This is why for me it should be top of the list for teaching your children how to ride a bike safely. My two boys do not go out without a helmet, they don’t complain as I have taught them that no helmet means no bike.

Correct Fitting Bike & Make Sure Its Road Worthy

Also, another problem I often see is children on the wrong size bikes (we own a family bike shop near to where I live). This can lead to incorrect positioning on the bike and some children can’t ride properly as their legs are bent far too much. Go down to your local bike shop and get your child fitted correctly. You can also then get your local bike shop to check that the bike is 100% roadworthy and that nothing needs fixing before you head out on your adventure. You don’t want broken brakes!

Bike Riding at Beecraigs Country Park
Out cycling at the local park

Teach Them The Highway Code

Teaching your children the highway code and general road awareness can make your children have greater confidence on their bikes. It is probably best that you take your children somewhere quiet until you feel they grasp the concept and they can learn what you have taught them in practical setting instead of just trying to remember what you have told them. You may even find your local council has lessons on teaching kids more about road safety.

You can also check out my Outdoor Life section for other outdoor adventures and tips. Did any of your children learn to ride their bikes this year? Will you teach them bike safety? Let me know in the comments below!

Our Top Tips For Teaching Kids To Ride Their Bike Safely

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