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Now every child is different and my two boys prove that. My eldest was weaned at 4 months old due to reflux and he struggled with every food I tried, think projectile vomit on everything. My youngest was weaned at about 5.5 months and he had no purees whatsoever… can be known as Baby Led Weaning. He would eat everything and nothing could phase him.

My youngest son also has food allergies, so he does not get anything with milk or gluten in it at all. My oldest son has now outgrown his dairy intolerance, so he can now eat what he wants without the worry. So that being said here are some tips for weaning while on holiday.

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Weaning Tips For The Weaning Stage While On Holiday

Don’t Stress

Ok, it is a big ask as the weaning stage can be stressful but seriously; if your baby is going to be 6 months and just started weaning, then you can easily delay starting to wean or just go with the flow. Why not offer your little one some of your food to start with?  Toast, veg, chips…any soft food will go down well.

Already Weaning?…no problem

If your little one is weaning, then most big supermarkets will have baby food (either same brand or equivalent), failing that, just put some jars in a plastic container and pop it in your suitcase.

Food Intolerance?

As my youngest is dairy intolerant, then things can get a bit hairy trying to make sure nothing contains milk products but, even in a foreign country, I have managed perfectly fine. If your child does have a food intolerance then write down in the countries language what different ingredients are, so you can check them on the food before you buy.

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Using a Plate?

If your little one (or older one) is used to eating off a plate and/or with cutlery then take them with you for a little bit of home. I got some strange looks when we let my youngest eat food off the tray of his highchair, I now take the boys plates with me when we go away.

And lastly not so much a tip but just a word of caution that some places may not have highchairs available (they must be in the dark ages) so if you have a portable highchair then take it with you as it will come in handy.

Have you ever done the weaning stage while on holiday? Do you have any tips?

Weaning stage for while on holiday

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I have always had an interest in travel and now I have My two boys I want them to see more than just the UK. I hope to give advice and tips to other parents who are anxious about travelling with their children.

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  1. I’ve also experienced some strange looks when I let my boy eat off his highchair in public … but it makes me so cross! If I give him a plate he likes to just pick it up and tip the contents onto the highchair anyway. I just take some antibac wipes with me and give the tray a wipe down when out in public since they’re not always cleaned properly.

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