Mifold Travel Booster Seat

Car safety is really important for parents and even more so when you go travelling. I have taken my boys’ car seats with us on our family holiday before. The one thing that is hard is that the car seats for very bulky and take up a lot of space when you are travelling. This means fewer hands-free when travelling, particularly to get the kids through the airport.

That’s where a travel car seat would come in handy. Something portable and compact which is ideal for young children. That is where MiFold comes into its own. MiFold is a small compact car seat which is ideal for family travel.

Mifold Travel Booster Seat

Portable Car Seat For Travel

MiFold Foldable Car Seat

When travelling with kids a light car seat for travel is perfect. You don’t want to be carrying around bulky car seats as you need to be able to have your children nearby.

MiFold is a foldable car seat which is also both lightweight and compact. It is 10x smaller than a regular booster seat which means it can also fit 3 in a row. I know this is something a lot of families with 3 children struggle with so it is a great bonus to be able to fit 3 children in a row while on holiday using a hire car. I wouldn’t recommend it for daily use, but for the odd family holiday where you have a hire car or using taxis then it would come in handy.

I also found when we were in London, that the black cabs had signs mentioning MiFold car seats. All you had to do was mention you required one, and they would provide one for you. An endorsement on this scale shows that this is not another flash in the pan. A great product is available to all.

Mifold Travel Booster Seat

Who can use the MiFold compact car seat?

The MiFold travel booster car seat is for children aged 4+. They also must weigh over 15kg. So even though my youngest is over the weight limit to use the MiFold, he isn’t old enough quite yet to use this.

How does it work?

Being a portable car seat, it is quite easy to use. The best advice would be to try it at home before you travel so you know where the leg guides are and how the seatbelt fits. You can also view the video below, which goes into more depth on how the MiFold works.

Is this the best travel car seat?

I can’t say if it is the best, but it certainly is great for family travel or for using in a taxi etc. Being so lightweight and compact means it is a great travel essential for children. If you have older children, who hate sitting on a booster seat then this may be a great compromise as it is very discreet, make them feel grown-up whilst knowing they are safe, a true win-win!

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Mifold Travel Booster Seat

If you are looking for a portable car seat for travel then I would advise looking at the MiFold as an option. I do tend to use high back booster seats as these for me are safer but for the odd car journey, I will definitely use the MiFold travel booster car seat.

If you are looking for more information, then you can find information on the MiFold website.

Travel Car Seat For Children | MiFold Travel Booster Seat

Disclaimer: We received two MiFold car seats in return for my opinion. My words are all my own. 

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