Gluten free snacks for children

If you read my family travel blog regularly, then you will know that my boys are both gluten and milk free. Daily life can be hard enough making sure they get the right nutrients and vitamins. However, add in family travel and it can sometimes feel very overwhelming.

Now that I have been travelling regularly with my boys, I have come across some great snack ideas for them; anyone knows snacks are a must-have when travelling with toddlers or travelling with kids!

The ideas below are also great if you are an active family and are looking for easy snack ideas for a day out.

Remember to always check the labels when you are travelling if you are buying locally. Even in the shops local to you before you leave, just to make sure you do not end up picking up the wrong thing or even not noticing when companies have changed their ingredients, a change to the packaging could be the telltale sign here.

Toddler eating a banana

Great Snack Ideas For Families Who Travel

Gluten and Milk Free Snacks – Fruit

You can’t beat fruit for a healthy snack. My youngest son loves fruit, my eldest not so much. Luckily, the fruit is one item you can buy locally. Which means there is no need to have them in your luggage when travelling.

Heading to the local supermarket or to a farmers market will mean you can get the best fruit available for your little ones.

Kiddylicious gluten and milk free snacks

Gluten and Milk Free Snacks – Kiddylicious Snacks

Kiddylicious are another company that have a great range of gluten and milk free snacks. Their website has a great allergen information page, which is super helpful in finding the correct snacks for your toddlers/children. If you are also interested in meal ideas, then they have a section of little meals. If you are travelling by car, then these might be a good option for taking with you. When we travel by car, then I tend to take some meals with us that I know my boys will eat. For example; pasta, jars etc. I wouldn’t take the jars if we were flying as most are glass.

Goodies - Gluten and milk free snacks

Gluten and Milk Free Snacks -Organix

Organix have a great range of snacks from baby all the way up to kids. Their website has a handy feature where you can search for items that are gluten and milk free (or other can’t have ingredients). My boys love crisps, so I always make sure I take them with us when we travel.

Gluten and Milk Free Snacks for children

Gluten and Milk Free Snacks – GoGo Squeez

A relatively new snack that I have found for my boys, which I think are fab! As I mentioned before, my eldest doesn’t eat fruit a lot. However, give him a GoGo Squeez and he will finish it within a minute if we are lucky. He LOVES them. My youngest doesn’t like the texture, but then he loves his normal fruit.

They count towards your five a day and are easy to pack in a suitcase or bag. What I find great about them, is that they do not need to be kept in a fridge. Once opened if your little ones don’t finish them all in one go you can put the cap back on and they can have more later.

There are 3 great flavours; Apple, Apple and Strawberry and Apple & Mango.

GoGo Squeez also does yoghurt pouches. However, as they contain dairy we have not personally tried them with my boys. Although, I’m sure if they are anything like the fruit pouches they will be just as good.

River Danube
Big K with his ice cream

Do you have any gluten and milk-free snack ideas?

Some may say buy snacks etc when you are at your destination. However, personally, for me I find that it adds to the stress of trying to find items when away.

You can also get free from chocolate, which I sometimes take with us. My boys only get this if their behaviour has been good, so I do not give it out as a daily snack. Hence why it is not mentioned above.

For some dairy-free baby and toddler food ideas check out Lipgloss and Curves.

If you have any other great snack ideas which are gluten and milk free then please let me know in the comments below. I would love to add them to my website for other free from families.

Free From Family Travel - Gluten and Milk Free snack ideas for family travel and families on the go

Disclaimer: We received some samples of GoGo Squeez in return for a mention on the blog.

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