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I have been to Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park countless times over the years; with and without my boys. It’s a great family day out for all members of the family and there is so much to do. On a full-day visit, we have never gotten around the whole park, so it shows you will have a full day of fun while visiting the park with your family.

I also have a newer post about the Easter event at Blair Drummond Safari Park that you can read about.

If you are visiting post lockdown then read my Post-Lockdown Blair Drummond Safari Park Post.

Rhino at Blair Drummond

Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling

Ticket Prices at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Prices can vary each year but ticket prices are reasonable for the number of attractions available in the park to do. The park is normally closed Nov to March so make sure you check to see if it is actually open before you go. Please see my post lockdown post on what has changed regarding ticket purchases.

Young boy watching the giraffes

What Can You See At Blair Drummond Safari Park

The Animals

From Sea Lions to Monkeys there are lots of animals to see. For any animal lover, this is the place to be. It is also pretty much flat which is why we always go to Blair Drummond Safari Park instead of Edinburgh Zoo. The animal enclosures are all a decent size and the animals are well looked after.

Pets Farm

There is also a Pets Farm with donkeys, rabbits, alpacas etc. You will find hand sanitation stations and sinks to wash and dry your hands located around Pets Farm and at the entrance/exit.

Drive Around Safari Section

There is also the drive around Safari section which we normally leave till last so we can leave the park once finished driving through. A word of caution if you don’t want your car damaged, please miss the monkey section out. The monkeys do jump on your car and I have seen monkeys pulling aerials off and windscreen wipers.

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park

Blair Drummond

Food & Drinks at Blair Drummond Safari Park

There are lots of picnic areas and even a dedicated BBQ section of the park. If you didn’t want to bring your own food then there is a cafe, a restaurant, and a few refreshment areas dotted around the park. Personally, I feel the prices of the food and drink are reasonable for it being one of the biggest family attractions in the area. The BBQ area can be booked upon arrival, however, they are booked on a first come first served basis so on a nice day they will book out fast.

The Safari park can also cater to special dietary needs, so make sure to ask a member of staff to help you out if you need anything.

If you are visiting post lockdown then read my Post-Lockdown Blair Drummond Safari Park Post.

Food at Blair Drummond

Gluten Free and Milk Free food at Blair Drummond

Other Attractions at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Shows at Blair Drummond

There is a sea lion show which is on 3 or 4 times a day and also a bird of prey show (very interesting and never the same show when we have been) which is 4 times a day. Please see directly with Safari Park in case this changes!

Chimp Island

There is a boat safari that takes you to chimps island (you don’t get off the boat though). The boats are currently not running due to COVID. However, you can reach the viewing platform on foot.

Dinosaurs at Blair Drummond

World of Dinosaurs

My boys absolutely LOVED this section and so did I! The dinosaurs move, make noises and one even squirts water at you! The boys’ eyes lit up and they had so much fun walking around and seeing all the dinosaurs. If you have dino lovers in your household then do not miss this section out as they will LOVE it.

Other Attractions

There are also pedal boats, a big play area with a pirate ship, a flying fox over the pedal boats…the list goes on! It’s a jam-packed day out. You will also find attractions like funfair rides which are not included in your ticket price. The boys have only been on the rides once on a previous visit as I do find them rather expensive.

Jumping on the trampolines

Attractions at Blair Drummond

Blair Drummond Safari Park is definitely a good day out for the family if you are heading to Scotland. It’s in a good location and your kids will love it.

If you are interested in finding out what “Foray Motor Group” think of the UK’s top Safari Parks, then head over to their website.

Disclaimer: Reviews are my own opinion. I haven’t been paid in any way for writing this.

Blair Drummond Safari Park. A Great day out

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