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Cattolica Aquarium is the perfect family day out near Riccione, Italy. We were told by the hotel we were staying in that it wasn’t very large and wouldn’t take long to get around but with a 3-year-old in tow and lunch to get out the way we were there a good 4 plus hours. So if you have children this is definitely a must-see if you are travelling with children.

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Cattolica Aquarium

About Cattolica Aquarium

There are four sections to the aquarium, blue, yellow, green and purple. Which are rivers and streams (yellow) this includes the adorable otters (best to be seen during the feeding seasons) and the caimans. Another world (green) has reptiles/amphibians including snakes, frogs and insects. Sounds of the sea (purple) which is an interactive section. Last but not least in this section, watch how animals communicate with each other. This important section gave my son a chance to learn lots of animal sounds and see why they do what they do.

cattolica aquarium

And finally, Arrive at Close Encounters (red) has an incredible indoor display of over 100 tanks filled with a variety of different fish, sharks, turtles, penguins, and even jellyfish. Your children will be in awe as they explore the exhibits and this aquarium is absolutely fascinating to watch your children interact with the different fish. There is also an outdoor play area which my son explored for almost an hour.

Ticket Prices At Cattolica Aquarium

To check out up to date prices and opening dates, go to the main website. They may be closed during off-peak seasons. Prices are reasonable, though maybe a little expensive but then this is just my opinion.

cattolica aquarium

Food & Drink At Cattolica Aquarium

There’s a self-service restaurant at the aquarium. We didn’t use it, but we did buy some sandwiches and snacks from the cafe part that was attached to the end of the resturant. The meal deals are affordably priced for what you get. The food is also of decent quality.

cattolica aquarium


It was a good family day out to visit if you are staying near Riccione with children. Definitely, enough to keep the kids entertained and something different to do than go to the beach.

If you do not have a car, it would be wise to book a taxi to the aquarium. The way we arrived at the aquarium was pretty empty. There is another entrance for you to consider as well though, which could possibly be better. You can check how to get there on their website.

Further Reading: Oltremare, Riccione

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Cattolica Aquarium Italy

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