Italians love children, so you will more than likely not have any problems with family travel while in Italy. I have been to several places in Italy with my boys and always find it very easy going. Very relaxing and family-friendly.

If you look below you will find all my blog articles from the places in Italy I have visited with my children with lots of information on places we visited while away. 

Family Travel in Italy Blog Articles

Visiting Tuscany With Kids

Less Than 24 Hours in Pisa With Kids

Have you got less than 24 hours in Pisa? Then don’t worry you can still explore this beautiful...

Mini Travel Guide – Pisa with Kids – 2022

Pisa is pretty much world-famous, everyone seems to have heard of it. I spent less than 24 hours in...

Emilia Romagna With Kids

Cattolica Aquarium, Rimini In Italy

Cattolica Aquarium is the perfect family day out near Riccione, Italy. We were told by the hotel we...

Family Fun At Oltremare, Riccione In Italy

Oltremare near Riccione is a great family day out if you are in the area. Oltremare is one of the...

Veneto Region With Kids

Mini Guide to Peschiera Del Garda with Kids

Answering that top question on where to stay in Lake Garda can be a huge task as there are so many...

Day Trip to Verona With Kids

I recently visited Verona with kids, while we were staying in Peschiera del Garda. As our base was...

Less Than 24 Hours in Venice With Kids

We recently visited Venice while on a family holiday in Lake Garda. Venice has been on my to-do list...

Top 7 Things To Do at Lake Garda With Kids

If you are planning on visiting Lake Garda with kids anytime soon, then you are not going to be...

Moda 3 Bed Caravan Review by Canvas Holidays

Growing up, I have always gone on a family caravan holiday abroad. For me finding the right...

Travel To Italy

From the UK: You will be spoilt for choice for which airport to fly into. We have flown into several airports over the years, so if you are looking for the best airport you need to check the Italian airport website to see which airlines fly into it. From there you can then hopefully fly from the nearest airport to you.

Travelling in Italy

Car: Renting a car can be done from all airports (from our knowledge) and also in some bigger cities. If taking your own car from the UK (which my parents have done!) then remember to check what the local laws are and make sure your car has been serviced. Remember they drive on the right in Italy.

Public Transport: We have used trains while travelling in Italy and they are very efficient. Remember you will need to validate any train tickets before boarding the train otherwise it may become invalid and you will have to pay again. The train website is – Trenitalia, and is easy to use. You can search for the journey you are wanting to do, which will then show you the times all the trains go.

Taxis: Taxis can be found outside airports and in the major cities (waiting outside train stations etc) You can also phone for taxis locally. Just ask your hotel reception for details (they may even phone on your behalf) As with most countries you can also pre-book taxis for a set time.