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Taking my dogs on holiday doesn’t often happen, so up until recently, I haven’t had to think about a dog packing list. I am wanting to take my dogs away with us on holiday more in the future (they are part of the family aren’t they!?), so I thought this post would be helpful to any families considering a family holiday with dog(s).

So just like when we plan what to pack for a family holiday, I now have a dog packing list too!

If you are thinking of going on a holiday with your dogs, then do it! Everyone will have so much fun and you are guaranteed that you will have a more active and outdoor family holiday. You don’t need to take everything on the list below. However, I find taking the items on my dog packing list cover what I need for our family holidays with my dogs.

Items to take on dog holiday

List Of Things To Take On Holiday – Dog Packing List

Somewhere To Sleep

If your dog has a bed back home, then it is best to take one with you. You could use their own bed or a small packable one depending on the space you have.

Food & Treats

It is best to take food for the number of days you are away, and then add a few extra cups worth into the bag. At least then if you get delayed for any reason you have another few days worth of food with you.

Along with the food make sure you have a food bowl and a water bowl. I have a non-drip style bowl which can be great for the car as well. A portable water bowl is also another useful dog item to add to your family holiday packing list. They are so useful for out walking/hiking.

Lastly under this section would be any treats that your dog eats to take some with you too.

Border collie in heather
My dog running about

Dog Walk Time

Dogs get wet, dogs get muddy, so packing towels will be useful. On our holidays for dogs, I also have some fantastic drying coats, that I use after a wet dog walk. It saves taking lots of towels with us and trying to dry them again before the next walk. I love our drying coats, they have come in so useful!

If you’re wanting to brush your dog while on your family holiday, then it is best to take a brush with you too.

Oh and no dog walk is complete without leads or harness and of course poop bags.

For The Car

When we go on holiday for dogs I have found my car boot opener to be very useful. This keeps the car boot open while we pop to a shop etc. I would not do this on a hot day though. Another useful item would be fans that you can switch on to blow cool air around the car.

If you are planning on having a picnic while away, you could have a tie-up spike which goes in the ground and tie them to.

Lastly…A Must Have Essential

A multi-use item here which I find useful for the kids and dogs is a portable baby gate. I can use this on a doorway to stop them roaming during the night or upstairs etc.

Greenleaf Northumberland
Doggy basket of treats and useful items

Also, check with your dog-friendly accommodation to see if they have a doggy package. I  got the cute little items above when we stayed at Greenleaf in Bamburgh. I also now have a trailer (camping utility trailer), which I pack the dog’s stuff in alongside our stuff. My dogs have the whole car boot to themselves, so I needed somewhere to store everything else!

Claire from Tin Box Traveller came up with several dog-friendly stays, which seem just perfect for some quality time away.

If you are visiting somewhere warm or even in the UK during the summer months check out this post on all you need to know about dogs and sunburn. It is very important for dogs during the hot months.

If you are wanting to download a copy of this dog packing list to help you with what you need to take on holiday then click on the image below!

Dog Packing List - Free Download

There you have it, what to take on holiday and our DOWNLOADABLE dogs packing list. Is there anything that you pack for your dogs for your holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

What to take on holiday for your dog | Dog packing list for a holiday with dogs

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