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Flying with a toddler can be stressful, especially when they are at the age of the good old tantrums! There will always be people out there who moan at parents taking kids on planes. However, how I see it is that kids have the right to travel just as much as adults, so people just need to grow up a bit. A young child crying on a flight cannot be helped if they are tired, hungry or have sore ears. On top of these tips for flying with a toddler I have also come up with my must have essentials for travelling with toddlers too.

Top Tips For Flying With A Toddler

Trunki blue

Buy a Trunki or Little Suitcase

Firstly at the airport, a trunki can be great as it makes for a good aid of transport. Especially if your child has tired legs, as you can pull them along, but it can also be filled up your child’s favourite toys (let them help pack it too).  I have found some of the best things to put inside when travelling with our children are books, toys and sticker books. As these are always a good hit with children when travelling. Try not to pick toys that have many pieces; as more than often your child will drop them on the floor and you will be left to try to find the pieces. The above applies for a little suitcase however they won’t be able to ride it. Do whichever is best for your family.

child's comfort toy


If your child still has a comforter then pack it in their trunki or their bag (if you didn’t want to get a trunki). But guard it with your life as if they lose it there could be bigger problems for you! When on a flight with kids I tend not to let them take their comforter/toy out until we have reached our destination (unless it’s nap time).

Juice Bottle for a toddler

During Take Off/Landing

On the flight, your child may get sore ears from the pressure during taking off and landing. Having something handy like a dummy, or sweets if they are old enough, or even juice for them to drink. It will help them ease the pain.

Family cycling holiday take snacks


Make sure you take enough snacks to last you the flight, as everyone loves to eat. From my experience, most of the time aeroplane food isn’t always tasty to young kids…or me to be honest! I always make sure I have enough toddler-friendly snacks and snacks that are suitable for my children as they both suffer from food intolerance’s. Personally I take Organic Goodies range with us as they are perfect for my boys.

Flatlay with baby wipes

Baby Wipes

Self-explanatory really…clean up toddler, you and the plane!

Casual clothes for a family cycling holiday

Change of Clothes

I always carry a change of clothes for the kids as you never know what could happen. Accidents do happen especially if your child is potty training. Take a change of clothes with you when travelling; underwear, socks, t-shirt, trousers and if going somewhere warm a pair of shorts too.

Toddler watching DVD

DVD Player

This is not for all families who fly with toddlers but works for us. Sticking on a movie or favourite tv program and let them enjoy. Use child friendly headphones so other passengers don’t have to hear what they are listening too.

mother and child look through the window of the airplane

Window Seat

Toddlers love to be nosey…well my two certainly do. So, by booking a window seat you can let them look at the window and try to give them things to spot. This works well for me when travelling as a family.

Flatlay with Calpol and First Aid Kit


It is always best to carry the sachets of calpol (other brands can be used) in case they need it during your holiday. If your child is on medication, then take your child’s normal medication too. (If you have prescription medicine check with the country you are going to that you don’t need a doctors note to get them into the country – some do ask)

Toddler using tablet on a plane

Tablet With Child-Friendly Apps

Again not for everyone but as long as its time-restricted we don’t tend to mind. There are lots of child-friendly apps out there and many are educational and fun for toddlers to play with.

If you are wondering what to take in your own hand luggage then here are 10 essentials to pack in your airline hand luggage.

What works for you and your family? Let me know what your top tips are for flying with a toddler, so other people can try your tips too.

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