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You can always feel a bit overwhelmed going away on holiday, especially if you are like me and you have been left to pack for everyone in the family. I don’t know about you, but when I have travelled with my boys as babies, it always looked like I had taken everything with me including the kitchen sink. So, whether it be a long haul flight or a car trip somewhere your list of things to take can feel never-ending. With that in mind here are my must-have essentials for when travelling with babies (age 0 to 1)

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Must-Have Essentials For Travelling With Babies

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Somewhere to Sleep

If you are thinking of taking a travel cot there are many available on the market; from pop up travel cots to ones that are slightly bigger. If going to a hotel or B&B type accommodation you could always ask if they have one available which will mean you don’t have to take one with you.

Remember if you are flying most airlines let you take two free items for your baby. Although some airlines have a weight limit, so do make sure to check directly with them.

Tip: When booking a cot make sure to check the accommodations definition of a cot. As a cot in some countries is a Z-bed (fold away camp bed)

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Something to Eat

Okay, if you breastfeeding then most of these items won’t matter too much. However, if bottle feeding, then remember you will need enough formula and bottles with you. Although you could buy while you are there. However, both my boys had a special formula, so I always made sure to take enough to last us. I also took our travel steriliser with us (it’s a cold water one) along with sterilising tablets, as this means you can keep everything clean for your baby. The only problem is that all this stuff can take up a great deal of space in your luggage.

Tip: you can buy sterilising bags which come in handy for travelling and space is tight.

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Somewhere to Sit/Relax

So during your holiday, you will need somewhere for your baby to rest while you are out and about. This can be a pram or a baby carrier. I usually take both and it means we can swap about during the week and leave the pram at the hotel one day if needed.

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Car Seat

Depending on if you are flying or not, a car seat may come in handy. During the winter months, a Morrck blanket can come in handy. It is much safer than putting a baby in a jacket (which you should not do in a car seat anyway). They also do thinner ones for the summer months.

Flying with a car seat can also be useful, but you need to make sure your car seat is okay for flying if you wish to take it in the cabin with you. If you are renting a hire car, then read this post on hiring a car seat abroad.

View of a baby car seat with toys attached


Babies can be pretty easy going regarding baby toys. You don’t need many. Rattles, car seat toys or even a portable play mat can come in handy. Although they are not essential, they just give baby something to do.

Totseat in Use
Totseat is also great if you are at work and your grumpy child wants his lunch!

Babies Over 6 months

If your baby is on solid foods then a travel highchair may come in handy especially in restaurants. I have encountered on many occasions places either having no high chairs or they have run out. So a travel highchair may be handy if you just want to sit down and get your child straight to the table.

What must-have travel essentials do you take with you when travelling with babies?

Our travel essentials for when travelling with babies who are aged 0 to 1 year old. What do you really need for travelling with a baby?

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