As we live in Scotland, we do get to explore the UK quite a bit. Although not as much as I would like. If you are looking for family days out in the UK then check all my family-friendly days out page. I am sure you will enjoy some of the family days out we have enjoyed as a family too.

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Travel To The UK

The UK has many major airports so you wont be short of choices. Even if your chosen airport is not close to the place you are visiting then you will still be able to get there with using another form of transport.

Travelling in the UK

Car: Remember we drive on the left in the UK. If you are bringing your car from Europe etc then major ports are Hull or Dover. There are also other ports down the South of England from France and Spain.

Public Transport: Trains, buses, trams etc all are options for travel within the UK. I wouldn’t say they are punctual like other countries transport systems but you can get from A to B alright. Although public transport isn’t the cheapest you can get from London to Edinburgh within 5 hours which is pretty decent time for such a long distance.

There are many train websites but National Rail is a good option, same goes for buses as you have companies like City Link, Mega Bus, National Express etc.

Taxis: Pretty much available everywhere, you can pre book with some companies and you can also jump in some taxis (like black cabs) without having booked them beforehand.